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MPI Foundation Scholarship Opportunities

The MPI Foundation is passionately committed to a vision of prosperity for the global meetings and events community. It is a vision we are powering through leadership initiatives, research, grants and scholarships to ensure the success of our members today and the sustained growth of our industry into the future. As the industry leader, MPI Foundation raises the most funds which are immediately reinvested back into the community.

MPI Foundation's scholarship program was created for meeting professionals who seek education inside or outside traditional academic institutions. It may empower an individual to reach a career milestone or revitalize a program that affects thousands. Visit this website for a list of Foundation Scholarships available for MPI members.

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The Arizona Sunbelt Chapter of
Meeting Professional International
Bobette J. Gorden Scholarship

Click here to apply. Applications are due by February 28, 2018.

Bobette Gorden

Every year, a $2,000 scholarship will be awarded to one MPI Arizona Sunbelt Chapter member to use towards attendance and participation in the World Education Congress (WEC).

This scholarship, set up in the name of its generous donor, is intended to assist MPI members with their attendance to WEC. It was designed to encourage and cultivate chapter leadership. This scholarship is for MPI members in good standing who:

  • have never attended an MPI international conference before
  • have demonstrated chapter leadership
  • want to assume future chapter leadership
  • foster leadership in others
  • show an energy for our Arizona Sunbelt Chapter
  • have been chapter members for less than ten years

"Through the many years of my involvement in the industry, the Arizona Sunbelt Chapter of MPI has had an enormous positive effect on my business, my community, and just as importantly, on me personally. Through our chapter, I have learned and cultivated skills in leadership, strategic planning, group dynamics, communication and marketing. All of these skills have helped our chapter and helped my career as well.

"Donating these funds to help cultivate other members' involvement in our chapter is a joy. It is my hope that the recipients of these awards will continue to serve our chapter and gain as much from their involvement and relationships as I have. After all, it's important for us all to pay it forward."

... Bobette J. Gorden
MPI President 1993-1994

Previous Recipients

2016 - Wendy Frank, Sheraton Downtown Phoenix
2015 - Katie Dreifus, Hotel Valley Ho
2014 - Danielle Adams, WM Symposia
2013 - Lee Smith, Hotel Valley Ho
2012 - Julia Isabel Davenport, CMP-PMP
2011 - Anne King, CMP, MeetingWise LLC