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Volunteers are a key ingredient in professional organizations. From Board level commitment to the occasional commitments throughout the year, our amazing volunteers help in a variety of tasks so that we can consistently provide quality educational opportunities and networking events for our Members. Volunteering your time is a return on investment. If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the form below. Thank you for being a part of our Volunteer team!


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ANNUAL AWARDS GALA: Plans and implements the Annual Awards Gala held in June of each year.
Time commitment 25 hours per year

BUSINESS OWNERS FORUM: Coordinates a business education session which is held twice a year for MPI AZ Business Owners to provide an opportunity to expand their knowledge and resources which will assist them in managing their company.
Time commitment 20 hours per year

SPRING EVENT: Plans and implements the annual Spring Fundraiser in March or April.
Time commitment 2-3 hours per month

CERTIFICATION: Certification opportunities are a part of MPI's Global Training program which provides an array of career development opportunities that will allow for continuous learning and recognition as a meeting and business event professional. The committee coordinates the CMP Study Groups, mentor program for CMP and CMM designations, certification orientations and promotes Global Training certification programs offered by MPI.
Time commitment 5 hours twice a year

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Focuses on giving back to the community by soliciting volunteers from the chapter membership for community service projects throughout the year. Through these efforts, the committee works to increase awareness of MPI AZ and the hospitality industry. Coordinate all of the volunteer and community service projects giving members unique networking opportunities.
Time commitment 3 to 4 hours a month

EDUCON: Organizes the annual summer education forum held in July or August (Friday-Sunday). The committee selects a site, creates fun networking activities, works with speakers to provide educational content and ties the weekend together with a creative theme.
Time commitment 20 hours per year

GOLF TOURNAMENT: This committee plans and implements the Annual MPI/HSMAI Golf Tournament. The tournament takes place each year in either September or October. The committee oversees course selection, sponsors, raffles and day of event duties.
Time commitment 2-4 hours a month

HOLIDAY PARTY: Plans and executes the Annual Holiday Party in December. The committee finds the location and creates the theme.
Time commitment 1 to 2 hours a month

HOST AND HOSPITALITY: Assures that all members are aware of the upcoming monthly meetings and events by calling them prior. Welcomes all attendees to MPI events and assists with registration at meetings/events.
Time commitment 1 hour a month

CAREER CONNECTIONS: Oversees and manages the job bank listings on the chapter website.
Time commitment 5 hours a month

MEMBER RETENTION: Membership retention will be tasked with making monthly calls to due, delinquent and dropped members encouraging renewal. In the process, collect member feedback and updates. Work with Member Retention Director to develop retention incentives.
Time commitment 3 hours a month

MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT: Drive new member recruitment with a strong new member, guest, and mentoring program designed to welcome and educate on the return of investment that can be obtained by joining MPI.
Time commitment 1 hour a month

MINI-TRADESHOW: Oversees and coordinates the mini-tradeshow in conjunction with the monthly meetings and responsible for selling raffles at monthly meetings.
Time commitment 2 to 3 hours a month

MONTHLY PROGRAMS: Creates, implements and designs ongoing educational programs to increase membership, knowledge within the meetings, events and hospitality industry as well as enhance business profitability.
Time commitment 3 to 4 hours a month

P.R. AND MARKETING: Prepares press releases on MPI activities, establishes relationships with local media, promotes 'Buy MPI' program, and creates opportunities for chapter media exposure.
Time commitment 5 hours a month

SOCIAL NETWORKING COMMITTEE: Oversees and manages the chapter website's social media specific to profile management, enhancements, updating, moderating, and improving public access to MPI AZ's social media streams.
Time commitment 3 hours a week

SPONSORSHIPS: Solicits prize donations and corporate/CVB sponsorships for all events throughout the year.
Time commitment 2 to 3 hours a month

STUDENT RELATIONS: Responsible for promoting MPI to potential student members planning a career in the industry, mentoring these students and liaising with the various institutions offering courses in the meetings industry.
Time commitment 1 hour a month

WEBSITE: Responsible for the development and updating of the chapter's website.
Time commitment 5 hours a month

If you are not sure which committees are best suited to you, please complete the following and you will be contacted.

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      Leadership Development
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